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Brian Osborne / Mark Zajack Split LP

Image of Brian Osborne / Mark Zajack Split LP


Brian Osborne side
1. For the Johnson Family
2. Fivefold Rotational Summary
3. 40 Doors

Mark Zajack side
1. Caught In The Dogs Cough
2. Smoked Haze

"Osborne side starts with nasty crude freckles of buzzes and morphs into a tape manipulated bone rattle....from there it progresses into a great scrapping metal loop with the returning buzzes coming back droned and subdued...KILLER SIDE! Zajack side sounds like a flapping wire slowed down 100x... a great low fluttering pulse...soon higher delayed flutters are layered over the morphes into hum littered with rusty metal and ends with even slower metal crumbling." - Hanson Records description

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